Lists of Deities

Across Eastdæl there is one major religion known as æfæst, there are several sects all currently vying for popularity. Most generally agree that there are 16 gods and they are split into two groups: The Cræftas and Culpan. The Cræftas, in most sects, are believed to be the embodiment of goodness and virtue while the Culpan are evil personified, born to tempt mortals away from the ‘Path’. Since the inception of magic in the world, many believe the gods have taken a more active role in the world, some theorising that the divide between the mortal and divine realms has weakened. The rise of clerics confirms this.

The Eight Cræftas


Greater deity, head of the Craeftas and Guardian of Life. Is believed to be present at the birth of every living creature. It is said that she imparts words of wisdom to each newly born soul and lucky is they who carries that wisdom throughout their lives. Often depicted as a doe or tree. (Cleric domains: Life, Light, Nature)


Goddess of bravery, humility and obedience. Often depicted as a woman with a sword or a sparrow. (Cleric domain: Light, Life)


God(dess) of abstinence, restraint and fortitude. Depicted neither as a man or woman, people often pray to Nyss when giving up hard habits or during hard times. Usually shown as a badger. (Cleric domain: Light, Life, War)


Goddess of kindness and compassion. (Cleric domain: Life, Light)


Goddess of chastity, purity, loyalty and devotion. Patron of knights and advisers. Depicted as a horse (Cleric domain: Life, Light, Tempest, War)


God of patience, endurance and forgiveness. Often depicted as an elderly man with a wide smile or a bear. (Light, Life)


God of liberty, charity, benevolence and self-sacrifice. Many of Est’s followers are passionate and are opposed to the ruling class. Depicted as an eagle. (Cleric domain: Light, Tempest)


Goddess of diligence, wisdom and knowledge. Patron to rulers and scribes. Depicted as an ink stone and scroll. (Cleric Domain: Knowledge, Arcane)

The Eight Culpan – The Culpan almost always are depicted wearing masks, as it is said that even they are ashamed of their own malicious deeds.


Greater deity and head of the Cuplan. As Liffrae is present at the beginning of one’s life, Cwild is present at the end. Though Cwild is sometimes depicted as a man to counter balance Liffrae, more popular depictions show them to be a carrion-eater, or beast of some sort. (Cleric domain: Temptest, War, Death)


Diety of lies and arrogance. (Cleric domain: Trickery, Tempest)


Goddess of greed, tyranny and oppression. (Cleric domain: Death, War, Knowledge)


God of lust, wicked intent, disease and poison. (Cleric domain: Death)


God of envy, hatred and revenge. (Cleric domain: Death, War)


Goddess of sloth, cowardice and neglect. (Cleric domain: Trickery)


Goddess of conflict and rage. (Cleric domain: Death, War)


God of greed, gluttony and excess. (Cleric domain: Knowledge Trickery)

Lists of Deities

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