Eleanora de Soleil

"On all levels except physical, I am a human."


“I am Lady Eleanora de Soleil, only heir to the duchy of Merveille in Esparsan. I will not bow. I will not be defeated.” The words echoed again and again in Eleanora’s head, pushing her to continue running on weary feet down the dark and muddy road. She would make a strange sight to passers-by, if there happened to be any around – a sleek black cat with a bronze amulet around its neck, followed by a small satchel hovering one foot above the ground. She ran with more purpose than any true cat, and her yellow eyes blazed with determination.

I will not be defeated, repeated Eleanora to herself. Even in her own thoughts, she refused to let her uncertainty show. She might not know where she was running to, after all, but she knew where she was running from – home, and the humiliation that would follow her family if the world found out that their daughter had been cursed. And she had a goal, even if she didn’t quite have anything resembling a plan. Break her curse, find “Lady” Marina, and exact the rightful punishment from the treacherous old wizard.

This was just another test, sent by the gods in their wisdom to make her stronger. She was Lady Eleanora de Soleil, heir to the duchy of Merveille, and she would not allow herself to falter. She would return to her home soon enough, to her rightful title and a warm bed. To her father, and to Angelo.

And when she returned, there would be a reckoning.

Eleanora de Soleil

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