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Eastdæl, for many of the people residing there, is believed to be the centre of science, culture and magic in all the world. The people living there are diverse in both appearance and in values.



Elthurn Empire



Kingdom of Gehetha







The Barbarian Tribes


Lands south of Eastdæl. Often described as exotic, the difference of opinion in religions has thwarted any hopes of peace, but with the arrival of magic creatures to the lands, most conflicts have been put on hold. Most countries have been absorbed by the mighty Appleqian Empire.

Appleq Empire


The mysterious lands to the west, only a few nations are lucky enough to have strong connections to the kingdoms of Sealtdæl thanks to the difficult terrain and savage marauders that plague the lands between. It is said there are a plethora of different cultures and religions and that even magic is different there.


Since the arrival of magic, tears in time and space have been found across the known world. Tears can close just as soon as they open and thus those who wander through are often left stranded in this world. The Elves are no exception and even entire communities have been pulled into this dimension. These long-eared travelers were greeted with mistrust at first, same Eastdæl nations even going so far as to massacre any communities they found within their borders, but within the last half-century a strong elvish community has been flourishing within the Grey Forest with strong trading ties with the less mistrustful human nations. Some have even been accepted within human societies, such as Isventia, taking on positions as teachers and advisers.


A short, stocky race that have been driven to the hills and mountains due to human fear and misunderstandings. Dwarves are quite social and if treated with respect they are more forthright with sharing their crafts than elves. However, they are quick to hold a grudge and once a grudge is made against a person, town or country, it is very difficult to rectify.


You bet there are! Like the dwarves, they have are quite friendly but prefer to gather in communities made up of their own kind. Halflings have their own magic but it is not readily shared with outsiders.

Orcs and Half-Orcs

A nomadic and violent people, it is said that their numbers have joined the barbarian tribes to the West.


While they are not a people or a nation, tieflings are a tiny minority within the human population. When a human makes a deal with the Culpan, this is often the result of their contract, an ugly reminder of the sins they have succumbed to and a warning to others not to approach.


If a person is truly good or a member of their family was an exceptional cleric or paladin a Cræftas might bless their bloodline and transform them into Aasimar, granting longevity and mystical powers. However, if one is to abuse these powers or curse the Cræftas’ name then this can cause the Aasimar to fall.

Country List

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