Elthurn Empire

Government: Absolute Monarchy

People:A large and hardy nation that must endure some of the most extreme weather conditions on the continent, both of natural and magical origin. The people are oddly accepting of outsiders whilst simultaneously suspicious of them. Due to the sheer size of its empire, the country shares borders with many nations and as a result its people are quite diverse in appearance.

A nation that was once small city states, easily overrun by western invaders, is now one of the largest nations in Eastdæl encompassing 5 nations within it’s empire including itself; Cattethan, Neyrtia, Paso and Leimen (a nation to the west). Elthurn trades with most kingdoms in the east and by all appearances it stays out of their affairs. However, on more than one occasion a Elthurnian diplomat has been caught liaising with with people both common and noble of other nations. Rumour has it Jorthyr’s current social tensions is a direct result of Elthurn’s meddling.

Magic in Elthurn was accepted very readily as it played directly into the old religion and folktales within the region. The æfæst religion is widely practiced alongside the older faiths.

Notes for travelers: While the people are friendly enough, the landscape is less so with many areas saturated with wild magic. Some areas are so dangerous humans cannot go without heavy magical protection lest they become deformed by the areas’ energies or lose themselves to an elemental plane. Or just die.

Elthurn Empire

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