Government: Aristocracy

People: Though very similar to the Gehethan’s and Isventian in appearance, there is a hint of a wide variety of cultures that presents itself in its people’s appearance and lifestyle. Kuspian’s are known to be pacifists in even the most unlikely of situations and given the country’s track record for invasion, it is a trait often looked down upon.

A country long under the thumb of the once mighty Gehethan Empire, it has recently begun to flourish as an independent nation with many philosophers and historians try to resurrect their long lost culture, which has proven to be difficult thanks to the large number of invading cultures that have settled in the region. While the general attitude of the people seems cheery, there are some tensions with the Gehethan ruling class remaining in the country, especially with those opposed to the restoration project.

Notes for travelers: In its larger cities you can see the restoration movement in full swing. It is customary for a stranger to be greeted warmly and seen as poor manners to turn someone away.

“To take the Kuspian path” means to cower away from a fight.


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